A couple months ago Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan and I were talking about my project for Born Free. He said he would like to do it and things worked out where we could make it happen. I can’t wait to see what he does with the paint. I picked the main colors and a theme consisting nothing more than a moment in time I liked the paint from and left it up to him. He knows more about what I want than I do I’m sure. He’s been at this for thirty years. He’s one of those rare painters that excels in paint, striping, lettering, leaf work, etc. I’m sure the bike will be WAY beyond anything I would of dreamed up. Lisa and I ran down to drop everything off last week and to get a quick lesson in bodywork. I learned I should stick with leather and leave paint to the pros. While Pete stayed mostly clean I managed to cover myself and pack my ears, nose, etc. with body filler dust.

This bike like Funkenstein and The Pink Taco is being painted with House of Kolor products. Make sure to follow Hot Dog on Instagram as “hotdogkustoms” and on facebook. Make sure and come by to see the bike in the Builders Invite area at Born Free V June 29th.


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