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I went to the Cycle Lodge with Lisa so she could shoot a bike for Chop Cult. While we were there Mike Davis asked me a question. “Do you think you would be able to finish your bike for the show?” We had talked about it in the past but I never thought of the possibility. To be honest, I never considered myself in the same group of the said 30 builders. I don’t consider myself a true builder. I’m just a leather guy that figures it out as I go along with help from friends. I’ve always liked diggers and I obviously love Japanese fours. I’m very excited to have a deadline and hope a few of you will like what I have come up with. Since there is a open spot in the builders showcase I’ll gladly be finishing the KZ 1000 for it.

Big thanks to Lisa for her endless cross promotion efforts and to my friends who will help me reach the finish line. I can’t wait to see what Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan and Scott Takes of Underground Studios pull off with the paint and airbrush work. 

Do us a favor,  buy a poster from Lowbrow Customs. Keep in mind that every poster comes with a free ticket for a custom motorcycle of your choice. 18 out of the 31 builders are donating their build as a potential winner. Sorry but my bike isn’t one you can chose from. This one’s for me.

I am honored to be in the running and would like to thank my sponsors for their ongoing support. Spitfire Motorcycles, Biltwell, Joker Machine, House of Kolor, Wire Plus, Dynatek, EBS, Wiseco, EBC Brakes, Throttle X Batteries and Barnett’s. Without their support I wouldn’t be able to pull this off.


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