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One thing I like to make sure all my bikes have is VERY good brakes. Sorry but the no front brake with a drum in the back isn’t my thing. I like fast bikes and don’t want to have to worry about stopping them. When it came time to figure out the brakes on the KZ an off the shelf combo wasn’t going to work for me. After seeing Dale’s, Mad Jap, dual four piston rear brake setup at Born Free III I knew that was it. That along with a four piston disk on the front and it will have brakes suited for a high performance sport bike. For rotors the first name that came to mind was EBC. I’ve been using their brake pads on my bikes for years. They are very well known for their performance rotors and brake pads. Lisa was able to meet with them at SEMA this year and they were excited about the KZ project. The rotors we went with are made from German made and rolled stainless steel. The centers are polished. Just the perfect thing for a bike that I want to be high performance and show quality at the same time. I’ll also be using EBC brake pads front and rear like always. I like to ride these things and these will make it that much nicer. I’m really looking forward to seeing them on the bike. Give me a week or two and I’ll do an update once I have them on for mockup. 
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