I’ve been seeing a lot of new leather work coming out. Some of it nice but most of it no better than the crap from China. When you buy something you have to ask yourself. Is this just something I need for a short time. A disposable item that you don’t want to invest much in. Or is this something I want to have for a lifetime. Something that will age and gain character over time. Something you don’t have to worry about falling apart no matter what you throw at it. Find out where the leather comes from. What thickness, grade, etc. Find out the thread thickness and details of the construction. Is it hand sewn or done with a machine. I use machines for certain things but a wallet back and other things look better and last longer in the way you can back stitch etc. by hand.  Is the stitching that is subject to wear sewn down into a channel to keep it from being abraded as it’s shoved in and out of a pocket or through a belt loop.  Is the hardware cast mystery metal or solid brass or stainless steel. Look at the edges of a product. Are they left unpolished so water, sweat, and whatever else can soak right into the edge? Or has someone taken considerable time to polish them. Besides the fact it serves a purpose it looks a million times better than a raw cut edge. What does the tooling look like. Look close. Are the lines sharp and defined or soft looking. Is the design done with a laser or a custom stamp or is it truly hand carved?  Are there wrinkles in the leather from delaminating of the fibers from using cheap leather. Are the insides of products lined with high quality leather or are they left bare? Will this person be around to back up their product if there is a problem down the line. I guarantee my products. I don’t like doing anything twice so I make sure the first time is going to last.  Just remember nice things cost more in the beginning but save you money in the end. Do you want to buy the same thing over and over or just buy one and carry it with you for a lifetime? Do some research before shelling out money for something custom made. Why go through the process of design and everything else involved to have something that won’t last or isn’t up to the standards you deserve? There is a difference. If you are ready to invest in a lifetime custom product give me a call or email me. 603-781-7505 duane@dbcustomleather.com