It amazes me the quickness in which the media will welcome someone into the “scene” if the almighty dollar is involved. I for one say FUCK YOU to those trying to buy credibility. Either earn your way in or go back to the last fad you were trying to make yourself the crown prince of. If you think this pertains to you then it probably does. If you want to plead your case to me I’m not interested and I’m not the judge anyway. The truth will prevail and the scenesters will eventually vanish to the next “cool” thing. That day can’t come soon enough for me. This has NOTHING to do with what you ride, how you dress, etc. The guy that rides just on the weekends in his Kuryaken encrusted bagger is having just as much fun in his mind as the guy on the raked out chopper or sixteen year old on a scooter. The baddest dude I saw in Japan rode in on a Honda 250cc scooter. He didn’t try selling me a shirt in support of a company that doesn’t actually make anything themselves. He just rode around on what he could get not trying to impress anyone. If you have nothing to offer then find a place where you can offer something. I and everyone else will respect you for it and you will be a happier person. I could go on and on but will quit for now. If you have a problem with my statements I’m easy to find. Otherwise crawl back to your hole and figure out the next thing you think will make you “cool” or move you up another step in a place your not wanted. from WordPress for Windows Phone