Here is the break that started the rebuild of my white bike. Broke across two old tank mounting holes that had been brazed over in some previous life. My good friend Renato was a lifesaver when it came to fixing it. He’s one of those guys that can do anything. With something like a frame I wasn’t sure I wanted to go it alone.


The first thing I did was take the frame, oil tank, and fender to Pro Coat Powder coating in Lake Elsinore to get sand blasted.


Then it was off to Renato’s where we cut out the backbone.


Then on to turning down some steel for slugs.


Here is the front slug slid in to check the fit. Notice we ground out another tank mount hole on the top while we were at it.


Here is the backbone welded back into place. We drilled around the frame and into the slugs in a few spots and welded them up solid. Then welded the joints closed.


After smoothing everything out it was better than new.


While it was torn down we also changed the mounting of the oil tank slightly and welded on a bung for a screw on cap. No more drip from those crappy push in oil caps.


After the fix it was back to Pro Coat for the white powder coat. This time with a pearl silver clear topcoat on the frame, oil tank, and rear fender. Makes a BIG difference in how it looks. At least to me it does. Thanks again Renato!!