I have started the process of breaking down Funkenstein for a  complete over haul before Japan. This is consisting of getting the chip  fixed on the tank, getting the frame power coated and putting on the new improved exhaust.  Awhile back I dropped the gas cap and and took a small chunk out of the tank. Well Courtney came by to help me with the tear down process and check out the new exhaust. I am really liking the fit.IMG_0525


We found this when we removed the gas tank, IMG_0521

Yup, that would be one cracked frame! Big thanks to Courtney, who calls out to his friends and within a 1/2 hour, I have someone that will be fixing the crack.  As you can see, it has been cracked for awhile

                       IMG_0522 IMG_0519

Now the pressure is on to get it completed before the shipping deadline.