Okay I’m the first to admit my personal bikes don’t make ANY sense as a daily rider. But believe it or not they get ridden all over the place. Especially the white bike. The pink one has been on a few couple hundred miles in a day rides but your butt knows it when it’s over. The white one you can ride all day and it’s like riding a comfortable chair around. The only thing I have never liked about the white one is the lack of ground clearance with the staggered drag pipes. I’m tearing it down to change a few things and clean it up for Japan and decided I would fix the pipes while I was at it. I thought of making some, changing to a four into one, etc. I decided to give my buddy Ken at Cycle X a call. He is THE man when it comes to SOHC Honda choppers. He said he had just what I needed stashed for some future project of his and volunteered to give them up. These should look killer on the bike. Make sure and check out Cycle X when you have a minute. He even has a ton of stuff for the Triumph and HD guys.