Shop has been full of BORN FREE seats so Jason headed down to get the first shipment of the trooper helmets today. You can still pre order one while he takes care of the guys that have been since we started showing at the LBSM. You can still get on the list by emailing him at and telling him what color and size you want. Make sure to include your top choice and next in line for colors, as some like flat black and grey are almost gone already!

Full Face without compromise. The Troop 1 is the close-fitting, lightweight, comfortable lid you’ve been looking for. Vented chin guard and style for days! Perfect for those mock-up gladiator fights you keep telling us about too. Comes in gloss white, gloss black, flat black, and flat gray. Perfect as is, or throw your best paint job at it! Padded D-ring chin strap keeps it on your noggin even when being dangled upside-down by the neighborhood bully. Removable padding / liner on the interior is fully machine-washable, which makes it easier to get rid of the mold that would otherwise climb in your ear and eat your brain. Remember, these helmets are non-DOT approved and meant for novelty use only.