I have been asked to show some of the build up for the Pink Taco. Mostly everything was fabricated in my little garage with the help of Courtney, McGoo, Alex and Renato. We did go to a few shops to fab the gas tank, battery case and the wiring box. Long nights were spent on the motorcycle seeing that we all have full time day jobs. I have very few tools in my garage but we made the most of everything I had.4

Kutty and I had the challenge laid out, let’s create the same bike that graced the cover of Street Chopper in the 70”s, but put our spin on each of the builds.  It was awesome to do this with Kutty and we are both pleased with the outcome. I know most people categorize me as the leather guy but I really like building bikes too. I already have another build in mind but have to help Wayne finish his first. Now that ours have graced the cover of street Chopper-thanks Jeff- I can show the mock up. So I will try to keep the pictures coming , thanks for the interest!

First off…………..You only go to one guy for custom frames. Freddy Hernandez  is a absolute ruler!


Thought I had a picture of just the frame but I must of been too damn excited and began fabricating with Alex.  19

I already have the fender, tank bottom, and the cage that is inside the gas tank welded on at this point. It also has the sissy bar than ended up being scrapped in favor of the drilled struts.   Be sure to check back.