SEMA 2009 018 Well if it wasn’t for McGoo this day wouldn’t of happened. My buddy Darin came out from Arizona so we could take his truck and McGoo’s trailer up to SEMA. Only to realize that the set up wouldn’t work. So McGoo stepped in and threw me his car keys. He saved my ass.

Wayne and I headed out Monday morning at 5 for Vegas to drop off the Pink Taco. Totally bummed that the 18 year old with the new badge wouldn’t let Wayne in to see the House of Kolor booth. They gave me five whole minutes to drop off the bike and be on my way.

Lisa asked Rollin to score us some photos as the booth was still being set up. What a class act, opened her email and there they are.

SEMA 2009 009

Bones Noteboom

SEMA 2009 015

Big thanks to McGoo, Brent , Gaby and Rollin for help me out.

A total 9.5 round trip spent with the boy. No a bad day at all.

Lisa, McGoo and I will be leaving at 5 tomorrow morning to run thru the SEMA show, I know a have meetings but am stoked to see everything.