IMG_9676Saturday was the 40th Anniversary party for Street Chopper Magazine which was held it at The Screaming Chicken in San Bernadino. An old forties gas station that was turned into a bar decades ago. Everyone I was riding with showed up at my house around 11 am. It was cool to ride up with Bill Bryant, McGoo, Laura, Alex Cardone, the Vegas crew, and Chris H. . The ride was awesome. No problems with any of the bikes and the Pink Taco handled it’s maiden voyage of any distance without any issues. The party went over great. It was nice seeing that many old Jap bikes in one place. There were some nice HD’s also but I can’t get over my fascination with SOHC Honda’s. Jeff did a fantastic job organizing the event. Lisa took  a lot of pictures at the show and on the ride and will be posting them here and a few other places I’m sure. Here is the first batch


IMG_9601  IMG_9602 IMG_9605  

IMG_9614 IMG_9621 IMG_9646