There is nothing better than working a full week, getting a few seats and tool bags out of the way, knowing that there is a finish line. My line always has something worthwhile at the end, from a ride with friends, a concert with Wayne, to a enjoyable Star Trek marathon. McGoo, Alex and myself headed up the Ortega Highway for a quick ride up to Hell’s Kitchen, home of the friendliest waitresses. Both McGoo and I were still getting the bikes dialed in so we didn’t want to go too far. Glad to report that the Taco ran great and McGoo 450 hauled ass. Alex’s carbs needed a little tweaking when we got home but all and all great ride.


Alex is telling me to wait as he brought Lisa brownies and hot chocolate to ease the pain of the Red Soxs losing


sad to report after the ride McGoo and I pack up the 450 in the trailer and on the way home , one of the straps let go and there is some damage to fix. Our goal is to have the bike ready for the Street Chopper 40th party next week, cross your fingers. We are searching for a alternator cover for the 1972 Honda Cb450, you know where we can find one?