that at the Vtwin Expo 08 I would run into the Biltwell guys and in 09 I would be here in Lake Elsinore, Ca and get to see them all the time. McGoo, Bill and Chris are a great bunch of guys and are doing a stand up job for the motorcycle industry.


They created the El Diablo Run, been a huge part of the Gypsy Run, threw down two awesome events here in CA known as the Chop Meet and the Biltwell Bash. Recently they have launched the newest web forum, Chop Cult and have are working on the Slab City Riot , which I will be getting to spend some down time with Wayne. I am stoked! You can usually find me set up next to these guys, they keep me well entertained! If you haven’t checked out the Chop Cult, please do so and help support my friends!


Thanks to McGoo for his generosity to my family and for his help during the Pink Taco build